A few ideas to foster Ubuntu edge funding

Update: Even though they haven’t taken any of these ideas (c’mon guys, I wasn’t going to charge you for my intelectual property) Canonical people is very active looking for ways to promote founders participation. Now you can compete for your


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Publish your own geocoded web services with CartoDB

This is the third part of a series of articles that shows how to use several really nice tools to play with open data. In the first article we saw how to take our comma-separated list of google contacts, and

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Using OpenRefine to geocode your data with Google and OpenStreetMap API

In the previous article we saw how to take our comma-separated list of google contacts, and play with them using OpenRefine. We learned how to do things like filtering, faceting, normalizing data, removing duplicate rows and other pretty common tasks.

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Journey to the open data jungle with OpenRefine, CartoDB, Leaflet and Javascript

Playing around with data is not an easy task. There’s no secret formula for successfully finding your way through a bunch of pdf, csv, excel, APIs or whatever else you might have to deal with. There’s not even a single

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Sharing you JavaScript Ninja secrets: Run your jasmine tests on jsFiddle

For those of you anxious to read the whole stuff, and asking for a quick and dirty TL;DR version of this, just go to the jsFiddle itself, it’s pretty much self-explanatory. JsFiddle is a great tool to show bits of

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Live hot-code reloading with Chromium browser on Linux

I’m pretty confident that it’s just a matter of time before we all end up developing web sites from scratch without ever leaving our web browsers. Even worse, wether you think it’s a good idea or not (it’s not, believe

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Troubleshooting Javascript: humble homage to WAT

Javascript is not funny

Everyone who ever had the chance too see @garybernhardt‘s WAT presentation is secretly dreaming about emulating him some day… and luckily for all of us JavaScript provides us with plenty of opportunities to fulfil our wishes (BTW, don’t waste your

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Ubuntu Cleanup

Originally posted on l3net – a layer 3 networking blog:
I’ve recently installed Ubuntu 12.04 Long Term Support (LTS). The main advantage of a LTS distribution is that once you clean it up, it stays like that for two years.…

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Multiplatform DropBox alternative with LOTS of GB for free

It’s been a couple of years since I first tried DropBox, and now I have to admit that I became kind of dependent on it. Once you get used to it, it just feels plain natural to have an automatically

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Taming the Raring Ringtail, My ubuntu 13.04 setup

All right, I’ve finally decided to blog something, and I think it’s fair to start from the beginning. Ubuntu 13.04 has just been released, so I thought to write down all the little tweaks I usually apply to my development

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